History/Milestone of PT. Mitsuba Indonesia Pipe Parts
2002 Nov Company Establishment 12 Nov 2002
Located at MM2100 Industrial Town, Block NN-12, Cikarang Barat, Bekasi 17520, Indonesia.
Land Area 10.000 m2
2003 Jul Welding process production started
90.000 units/year Rear Arm Comp.
2004 Starting the Metal Press Process
800.000 units/year Rear Arm Comp.
2005 Received the Painting Process order.
Starting of Painting Process (outsource).
Adding land area +10.000 m2.
Adding building area +3.000 m2.
Starting of using robot welding.
Starting of using Pipe NC Bending Machines.
Starting of design the welding jigs internally.
Production 1.150.000 units/year Rear Arm Comp.
2006 Starting of Sub assembly Parts
Starting Press Automation (Progressive)
Starting Welding Automation (Robotic Welding)
New Customer Expansion
Obtain new item production 6.200.000
Implementation of New Production Control System
Production 1.650.000 Unit.
Yamaha sales total 1.835.000 units/year.
Yamaha Automatic Motor Production Started.
2007 Get Certificate ISO 9001-2000
Starting of Press Dies Making
Optimization of Equipments
Starting the Production of New Items
Production 6.200.000 Units/year.
Yamaha sales total 1.835.000 units/year.

2008 Start Building Construction Phase III & Completed in October.
Starting of Production & Shipping Export Parts (YMAC)
Automobile Parts Start Production and Delivery.
2009 Starting of production and delivery to PT. Paramount Bed Indonesia
2010 Adding land area for Factory 2
Starting construction of Factory 2
2011 Nov Finish the construction of Factory 2
Adding Painting Equipment (Spray & ED)
Start moving equipment to Factory 2
2012 Apr Finish the moving equipment to Factory 2
Starting the Internal Painting Process, Spray Paint & ED Paint.
2013 Painting process improvement (reduce NG ratio).
Production cost rationalization.
4 wheels new customers expansion.
2014 Dec Production cost rationalization.
ISO 14001:2004 Certification.
2015 . Production cost rationalization.
2016 . Production cost rationalization.
2017 Jan-Oct Plan of stop operation Factory 2.
Line movement to Factory 1 and Outsource some process.
Reduce Man Power.
Cleaning goods in factory 2
2017 Nov in connection with the decrease of order from customer, factory 2 closed its operation.
Only factory 1 operates.
2017 Dec Plan of Selling Factory 2.
Land area : +- 20.000 m2
Building area : +- 15.000 m2
2019 Apr Factory 2 Selling Done.